Sunday, April 3, 2011

What's it like at the art fair?

Despite my claims that I understand more French, standing in a booth for 12 hours a day frequently feels like I am in a lengthy foreign movie without subtitles. I periodically flat line _____________ , then – BAM! a journalist/collector/artist/friend of the gallery etc will be introduced to me and I transform myself from a person resembling furniture into a person resembling me. A few minutes later I return to being statuesque and mute. These periods of silence are followed by erratic attempts to engage the public using my 3 French sentences but they are disappointingly inadequate to commence meaningful conversation about art. I need more words!!!!

Interestingly with semi-silence comes looking. Firstly looking at the people looking at the work. Or rather looking at the outfits of the people looking at the work. Which is hours of entertainment.

BTW-this is a man.

Then there is the looking at the people looking at my work. It’s a rare experience to watch your own audience. The third kind of looking which, I have had the luxury of doing is to consider the work of the other artists exhibiting with me in the 10 Chancery Lane gallery booth. They are the only Hong Kong gallery exhibiting at the Art Fair and they show some incredibly respected contemporary Asian artists such as :

Wang Keping (China/Paris)

Dinh Q. Li (Vietnam/Ny)

Gonkar Gyatso

As well as a Sopheap Pich, Hung Lui and Yinong and Muchen. Art fairs can sometimes be cynically regarded as art supermarkets, but for me it is a great honor to be exhibiting in Paris at the Grand Palais and also to be exhibiting side by side with these remarkable artists. 

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