Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A list of french food I have eaten

Periwinkles (mini snails)
The neck of a lamb that includes the glands, crumbed in cheese with creamed potato
Wild boar (killed by a hunter on the property of a friend)
A salad of beetroot, salmon prawns apple and dill, pine nuts and cress
Caramelised endives
Raw beef mixed with with mayonnaise and gherkins
A Dallyou chocolate gateaux
Apple and chocolate crumble
Roasted goat
Veal kidneys in cream and mustard
Venison with mustard
Crepe Chocolate x3
Crepe fromage x2
7 types of bread
Infinite cheeses
Daily croissants
Tomates roasted stuffed with goats cheese
Pate on toast
Pate on toast
Pate just by the forkful
Lemon yogurts
Other types of salads
1 Bananna
1 Apple
Tarte Citron
Tarte fromage with aubergine
Blood sausage
Crab meat wrapped in beetroot
Risotto with a side of 8 different root vegtables
A punnet of raspberries (2e how cheap!!)
Apricot chicken with almonds and couscous

Im sure there are things I've forgotten...... ah yes - the wine.


  1. WOW! We went on a french excursion today to see some french films. And as we were sitting there eating our baguettes and drinking our orangina, I was thinking about the amazing food you must be eating, so i logged on here to see if you had updated with a new post, and I found this!!! It sounds amazing!

  2. I was inspired by this post and for Friday night dinner I just made Zucchini Brie bake, with Salmon and pasta! miam miam

  3. Great list of French food. You should also try Croque-Monsieur and Crêpe Suzette. Delicious !

    French online

  4. the single apple and lone banana seem to be out of place amongst that list.