Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I don't blame people for wanting to touch artworks. I understand that there are just some provocative  pieces that you believe you are allowed to touch. For instance there's a collective of artists who work between art/architecture/design and challenge the conventions of each of these mediums and they had a piece at the fair which looked a bit like a small orange shipping container with 2 windows. Inside it was a bed with white sheets, a doona and pillows and on a couple of occasions I saw people asleep in there. In the context of the art fair I thought this was fabulous, when you are completely fatigued by looking at art what you desperately need is a quite lie down. After less than 40 winks however, I found out the embarrassing way, that you're not really supposed to sleep in there, when a security guard came banging on the door and tried to evict me from the art fair. This was followed by him yelling at me "its's art, you can't touch it, it's art it's art". Followed by some heated arguing about the collectives works (which he knew nothing about, and I knew a lot so really I won the argument even though he didn't speak English). I actually then made the fiasco even worse when i told him if he was so worried about people not touching the art work maybe he could come and stand in our booth all day, cause he'd do a better job there, then disrupting peoples sleep.

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